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The Effective Airborne Sound Barrier

ReCore® is the environmentally responsible, single-solution substrates. Whether you need excellent acoustical performance, tackability, impact resistance, a product free from VOCs, one with a high post-consumer recycled content or all of the above, ReCore® is the best choice. ReCore® can do it all.

ReCore® is a revolutionary new insulation made from 100% polyester fiber with up to a 60% post consumer content (recycled plastic beverage containers), which is itself 100% recyclable. ReCore® is semi-rigid, lightweight substrates. ReCore® is unique in that it is impact resistant and tackable while retaining excellent acoustical properties for wall and ceiling applications. In addition, it is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde. Further, ReCore® is antimicrobial, and non-hygroscopic. See the ReCore® Specifications Sheet for complete details.

ReCore® can be used as an acoustical insulation, a thermal insulation, a tackable surface, a high-impact surface, and as a substrate beneath fabric coverings or for all five reasons at the same time, It is truly the single-solution substrate. ReCore® is available in a full range of thicknesses and densities.