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Never before has sound mitigation and high quality acoustical control been so affordable! The Fabricmate Wall Finishing System provides solutions for all audio concerns. In no time, turn any room into an audio control station, audio/visual command control center, multimedia center and much more. The Fabricmate Wall Finishing System is much more affordable than alternative audio acoustical mitigation systems with absolutely  no loss of quality.  Perfection in acoustics and audio control can be delivered to your door through The Fabricmate Wall Finishing System!


Whether doing it yourself or using a basement remodeling specialist, before getting started make sure you consider all of the important factors in finishing your basement walls. First, the design should reflect your personal tastes. Many basement wall finishing products limit you to materials and designs that work for the installer, not for you. Vertical seams (a limitation of pre-made 4’ x 8’ panels) are not very impressive. The Fabricmate Site-fabricated Panel System gives you complete design control. Combine styles, colors, and textures. You can even combine them with other materials like baseboards, chair rails, and crown moldings. Second, the products should be made to work in a basement environment. Our “floating-fabric” design is extremely durable and virtually impervious to impact damage. Our ReCore backings and substrates are perfect for basements as they are non-hygroscopic, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal. Lastly, a top advantage of using the  Fabricmate Wall Finishing System  is the fabric can be easily changed, if desired, without replacing the entire system making redecorating a snap.


Attractive acoustical and tackable surfaces are useful in every office and workstation. Just about every aspect of our system can be put to good use in your office. Acoustical panels, tackable panels, privacy panels, baffles and clouds, and Fabricmate ceilings all can be used in an office environment. Panels with acoustical properties mounted higher on the walls in large rooms with modular workstations significantly reduce sound reverberation, making it easier to hear for both your employees as well as as those on the other end of the phone. Our partition baffles hang from the ceiling directly above existing workstation partitions to economically reduce sound transmission. For conference rooms, acoustics are typically the first concern, but acoustic, tackable and magnetically receptive panels expand the possibilities for presentations and displays. Our multi-functional panels can quickly and easily add acoustic, tackable and magnetic functionality to your existing conference rooms in one of three ways:


In Gymnasiums, Auditoriums & Multi-Purpose Rooms reverberated sound is a particular problem in these and other large buildings with high ceilings where large numbers of people are present. Acoustic panels, baffles, and clouds can successfully address the issues of reverberated sound and high frequency reverberation times. Often times, the interiors of gymnasiums and auditoriums become so loud that one could not hear themselves think, let alone be able to pick out anything else. With the Fabricmate Wall Finishing System, no such issue occurs. Be it at a professional, or educational setting, for any age, Fabricmate’s acoustic panels mitigate many issues in sound reverberation.

The system is also impact resistant and durable, preventing dents, scratches, and wear that paint and other panels can’t handle. Reduce sound, wear, and costs for your gymnasium without sacrificing aesthetics!


Fabricmate Panels and Systems can have no greater impact than in learning environments. Applications for acoustical and tackable surfaces abound in schools. Enhance learning by reducing reverberated sound to improve speech intelligibility. Turn your existing walls into sound reducing and tackable, communicative surfaces.

They install easily and can be used on almost any existing surface. They add texture and warmth not available from a painted surface. In addition, they allow for greater flexibility in design and work well in conjunction with other materials. They are extremely durable and can virtually eliminate the need to repair. Annual material costs are reportedly dramatically reduced with the Fabricmate Wall Finishing Solution. Fabricmate Panels and Systems are currently being used in hundreds of in schools, colleges and universities throughout North America.

Sound reduction, a tackable surface, and durability: is there a better application than dorm rooms? Major colleges and universities have installed Fabricmate products in thousands of dorm rooms. Our door boards, modular panel systems, and full-wall acoustical and tackable panels provide an unmatched functional solution that dramatically reduces maintenance costs.