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Tackable 1/2 in. Modular Panel Kit Ends — 48 in.
110.30 110.30 110.30 110.3 USD

With our Modular Panel Ends and Fields you can install full, custom size Acoustical and Tackable Panels quickly & easily. All the advantages of our site-fabricated system, available in a ready-to-install version. 

The ends (and fields, sold separately) don’t include fabric, so feel free to browse the fabrics available in our shop or use your own fabric, for a truly customized, just-for-you panel kit. 

Each end is 2 ft. in width, and 4 ft. in height. Each order includes 2 ends. Put them together for a single 4 ft. x 4 ft. panel, or buy (2 ft.) fields to expand your panel size!