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Brochure about the benefits of our wall finishing system inside educational environments.

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3. 1 3 3 FABRICMATE SOLUTIONS Magnetic Options Available Easy To Put-Up • Arrives Ready-To-Hang • Built-To-Last • Useful Anywhere Conforms to any architectural feature • Significantly reduces maintenance costs Each kit includes everything you need to create a large affordable bulletin board panel A FEW PANELS CAN IMPROVE ACOUSTICS KEEP EVERYONE INFORMED ENHANCE ACOUSTICS & IMPROVE YOUR LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS ADORN AND PROTECT THE WALLS IN HIGH-TRAFFIC AREAS 2 INSTALLATION IS QUICK AND EASY: THIS 4’ X 12’ PANEL WAS PUT UP IN HALF-AN-HOUR Lifetime Track & ReCore ® Warranty FREE Training Available ‘READY-TO-HANG’ PRE-MADE PANELS ‘READY-TO-INSTALL’ MODULAR PANEL KITS ‘SITE-FABRICATED’ WALL FINISHING SYSTEM

4. 2781 Golf Course Drive, Unit A • Ventura, CA  93003 805-642-7470 • Dormitories Music Rooms Computer Rooms Auditoriums Lecture Halls Libraries Classrooms Offices Gymnasiums Copyright 2015 © Fabricmate Systems • All Rights Reserved • Lit# FM-Educ Rev. 2.12.15 Impress Prospective Students & Parents Fabricmate Wall Finishing Systems create that high-tech feel that students love. They transform plain walls into massive tackable bulletin boards for hanging posters, art & reminders without risk of damaging the wall behind. They improve acoustics by absorbing reverberated sound and reducing noise levels. And their built-to-last durability provides a high- impact barrier that - unlike paint - protects your wall without need for constant maintenance. THERE IS MORE THAN ONE WAY TO FINISH A WALL GIVE US A CALL AND SIGN UP FOR A FREE LUNCH & LEARN TODAY! 866-622-2996 Improve Your Learning Environments Bare painted walls are an acoustics nightmare. They cause sound to reverberate, making it difficult to hear properly in a crowded classroom. Our Wall Finishing Systems are proven to significantly reduce these common acoustical problems and enhance speech intelligibility; which is one of the primary reasons why so many school districts are using Fabricmate Wall Finishing Systems.

2. THE FABRICMATE SYSTEM A simple System with 3 Components Legendary Support BACKING MATERIALS TRACK FABRIC COVERINGS CSI Spec Selector • Submittal & Substitution Builder • Layout Profiles • DWG Objects for CAD Placement Value Engineering • Training, Tutorials & Quotes • Product Knowledge Sheets • Material Calculator • CAD Details We offer a full catalog of Resources at Infinite Applications Wall & Ceiling Graphics Doorboards Baffles & Clouds Wall Protection The Track frames the Panel and holds the Fabric taut Acoustical ReCore ® provides a Durable & Tackable Backing The Fabric Roller Tool Rolls the Fabric into The Track Excess Fabric is rolled into the Hidden Channel 3 FABRICMATE SOLUTIONS


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