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Product Information / Frame Cut Sheets

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1. FS005 is our most affordable and visually pleasing Frame. The low, square profile produces clean, crisp joints and edges. It can be used as both a perimeter and intermediate (mid-wall) piece with any 1/4” substrate. Its versatile design allows for a single piece to be used for intermediate joints, including inside corners. Its top loading feature allows it to be placed up against almost any surface including walls, door moldings, and windows. Great for Wall Protection, Printed Graphics, and Tackable functionality. Can be customized for use with curved designs or installing on rounded surfaces. FS005 - 1/4” SQUARE FRONT-LOAD 100% uPVC | CRUSH PROOF | FULLY RECYCLABLE | FLEXIBLE | EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE | SAFE TO HANDLE Acoustics & Tackability in Office / Conference Area Acoustics, Wall Protection, & Custom Aesthetics in School Tackable Wall Protection in Dorms Acoustics & Aesthetics in Waiting Area FS005 FRAME FEATURES 4

2. Description Durable uPVC Track for use in Fabric Wall Finishing Sold In 5’ Lengths Installation Mountable with • 18 Gauge 1/4” Full-Crown Staples • Drywall Screws • Staples & Adhesive (Liquid Nails or PL200 Recommended) Customization Easily cut with: • Fabricmate ® Chamfer Cutters • 180 Tooth 10” Plastic Weight Chop Saw Composition 100% Durable uPVC ( No Phthalates or BPA, Does not decompose, is weather-resistant ) Dimensions 5’ x 0.68” x 0.75” Weight .40lbs Disposal Fully Recyclable Handling Safe To Handle Fire Rating ASTM E84 Class A VOC’s < 0.1% FS005 SLIM-LINE 1/4” BACKING/SUBSTRATE STAPLE FRAME FABRIC FULL HEIGHT FROM WALL 0.408”-0.428” HEIGHT ALLOWANCE FOR SUBSTRATES 0.25” AIR GAP (APPROX) 0.090” FS005 Profile (Actual Size) 2781 Golf Course Drive, Unit A Ventura, CA 93003 805-642-7470 FS005 - 1/4” SQUARE FRONT-LOAD Height 1/4” Quarter-Inch Frame has minimal protrusion and is ideal for Graphic Wall Panels, Wall Protection, and Tackable Wall Finishing Edge Profile Square The square profile produces clean, crisp joints and edges Load Front-Load FS005’s front loading feature allows it to be placed up against almost any surface including walls, door moldings, etc Seam Usage Ye s FS005 can be used to create seams or joints with any 1/4” substrate Edge Usage Ye s FS005 can be used as a perimeter with any 1/4” substrate Other Curvable We offer our curvable Flex-Frame (SKU: KF005) or FS005 can be easily modified on-site to create curved joints FEATURE DESCRIPTION FS005 FRAME FEATURES FS005 SPECIFICATIONS WALL PROTECTION | TACKABILITY | GRAPHICS FS005 TECHNICAL CUTAWAY Our “Natural” color Frame is a great option when you want a low-key perimeter around your panel or installation. If you’re looking for something that stands out a bit more, we will soon be offering a number of color and style options (examples below) that are sure to take your panel or full-wa ll installation to the next level. White Black Wood Grain Brushed Aluminum 100% Durable uPVC ( No Phthalates or BPA, Does not decompose, is weather-resistant )


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