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General brochure about how our Fabricmate wall finishing system works.

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1. WALL FINISHING REDEFINED ACOUSTIC | TACKABLE | DURABLE | THERMAL | NON-TOXIC | RECYCLABLE | VOC FREE | INDOOR | OUTDOOR STANDALONE PANELS | CURVED OR GEOMETRIC MULTI-PANEL DESIGNS | FULL-WALL SYSTEMS | CEILINGS & HVAC Our system is designed to enhance your walls both in style and functionality. Easily change out the fabric if it gets soiled, for special occasions, or to update room aesthetics. Our system is virtually maintenance free, anti-microbial, fire-resistant, and mitigates visible damage providing long lasting wall protection. Creating multi-functional soundproof panels and acoustic walls has never been so easy or customizable!

3. 1 2 3 ‘READY-TO-HANG’ PRE-MADE PANELS ‘MODULAR’ PANEL KITS ‘SITE-FABRICATED’ WALL FINISHING SYSTEM Conforms to nearly any architectural feature | Significantly reduces maintenance costs Easy to put up | Arrives ready-to-hang | Built-to-last | Useful anywhere Each kit includes everything you need to create a large, affordable bulletin board panel FABRICMATE SOLUTIONS BUILT-IN BENEFITS SUSTAINABLE THERMALLY INSULATIVE FIRE-RATED VOC-FREE ANTIMICROBIAL NON-TOXIC

4. Copyright 2019 © Fabricmate Systems • All Rights Reserved • Lit#FM-GP Rev.081219-JM RETHINK YOUR WALLS What are your walls doing for you? Can they improve acoustics or provide thermal insulation? Are they tackable - able to accept push-pins for hanging photos or documents without leaving holes behind? Are they easily scuffed, dented, and damaged? WALL FINISHING REDEFINED The Fabricmate Wall Finishing System is the perfect alternative to paint. It is high-impact, offering superior wall protection. It absorbs reverberated sound to significantly improve acoustics and speech intelligibility. By design it mitigates visible damage, lasting far longer than painted walls while greatly reducing maintenance costs. Thermal benefits can help save on heating and AC. Being tackable means that every surface is an opportunity for communication. WHY PAINT? Paint offers little protection and functionality to the walls it covers. It scuffs easily and does nothing for acoustics. Worst of all, maintaining painted walls in high-traffic areas requires constant effort. Do away with the mess and hassle of paint and cover your walls with something more sustainable. CUSTOM IS STANDARD Panels and Full-Wall installations are extremely customizable and can adjust to nearly any architectural feature. We have flexible Frame for creating curved designs, installing on curved walls, or creating circular baffles. We offer free Value Engineering from the beginning of your project so it gets completed properly and on time. MAKE YOUR WALLS WORK FOR YOU Give us a call today for more information! TOLL-FREE 866-622-2996 THERE’S MORE THAN ONE WAY TO FINISH A WALL 2781 Golf Course Drive, Unit A Ventura, CA 93003 805-642-7470 MOST POPULAR APPLICATIONS COMMERCIAL EDUCATION RESIDENTIAL WORSHIP MARINE BENEFITS & SUPPORT PANEL & SYSTEM TYPES SYSTEM BENEFITS ADDITIONAL SERVICES JOIN OUR TEAM • Fast & Easy to Install • LEED Credits • Free On-Site or Online Training • Warranties • System Uses No Adhesives • Non-Hygroscopic • Certification Available • CAD Details • Prewritten Specs Available • Submittal/Substitutions Support • No Need to Field Measure • Easily Change Fabric • Pre-Made & Modular Panels • Full-Wall Systems • Baffles • Dividers • Floors & Ceilings • HVAC • Acoustics • Tackability • Wall Protection • Thermal Insulation • Fabric Printing • Seam Services • Laminating Services • No Contracts • No Up-Front Costs • Short Lead Times • Become an Installer • Become a Distributor • Free Value Engineering

2. THE FABRICMATE SYSTEM BACKING FABRIC FRAME 3 SIMPLE COMPONENTS Our System consists of 3 easy-to-use components: Frame, Backing, and Fabric. The Frame outlines the shape of the panel or full-wall system. The Backing fills in the Frame providing acoustics, impact-resistance, and more. The Fabric is inserted into the jaws of the Frame and stretches across the panel allowing the surface to spring back when struck. FRAME BACKING FABRIC FOCUS ON FUNCTIONALITY ACOUSTIC • Absorbs Reverberated Sound • Improves Speech Intelligibility • Increases Audio Clarity TACKABLE • Holds Tighter Than Cork • Naturally Self-Healing • Will Not Crumble PRINTED GRAPHICS • Only Limit is Your Imagination • Good for Indoor or Outdoor • High-Quality, Detailed Prints WALL PROTECTION • Shock Absorbent & Crush-Proof • Tougher Than Paint & Fiberglass • Very Long Lasting REVOLUTIONARY RECORE ® • Made of Recycled water bottles • 100% Recyclable at end-of-life • Non-Toxic & VOC Free • Antimicrobial & Antifungal • Thermally Insulative • Acoustic & Tackable (most)


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