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2. HAVE QUESTIONS? / NEED HELP? / WANT TO BECOME A CERTIFIED INSTALLER? 866-622-2996 CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE A FREE WEBINAR OR VISIT US FOR FREE IN-HOUSE TRAINING CAD DETAILS | INSTRUCTIONS SHEETS | VALUE ENGINEERING | TYPICAL LAYOUTS FAST & EASY INSTALLATION | SHORT LEAD TIMES | NO NEED TO FIELD MEASURE For technical help or more information, call us at (866) 622-2996 or visit our website at SYSTEM TYPES EXCEPTIONAL SUPPORT FABRICMATE VS TRADITIONAL PANELS Great for Do-It-Yourselfers! Includes all components (pre-cut to size) to build an on-the-wall Panel. Multi-sizes available. Create Panels or Full-Wall Systems that can easily be modified on the fly. Incredibly customizable! Ready-to-Hang out of the box. Combine multiple to increase benefits. Multiple sizes available. • Absorbs Reverberated Sound • Enhances Speech Intelligibility • Resists Sound Transmission • Allows Fabric to Bounce Back from Impacts • Mitigates Visible Damage • No Glue or Adhesives • Holds Tighter Than Cork • Won’t Break Down or Crumble • Naturally Self-Heals • Fabric Can Be Easily Replaced • Reduce Maintenance Costs • Reduces Waste • Tougher Than Painted Walls • Impact Resistant / Shock Absorbant • Shatter-Resistant Frame • 65%-96% Post-Consumer Content • 100% Recyclable • VOC Free DIY PANELS (5 SERIES) WALL PROTECTION SITE-FABRICATED (7 SERIES) TACKABILITY PRE-MADE PANELS (1 SERIES) CUSTOM GRAPHICS ACOUSTIC FLOATING FABRIC TACKABLE CHANGEABLE DURABLE SUSTAINABLE MODULAR PANELS (3 SERIES) ACOUSTIC BENEFITS Long Panels cut into 2’ sections for cheaper shipping. 2 end pieces that book-end a number of middle pieces. FREE TRAINING Join us for up to two days of free training and lunch at our headquarters in sunny Ventura, CA. We will provide you with the practice and expertise you need to get started. • Team Based Interactive Training • Hours of Hands-On Experience • Marketing & Lead Generation Support • Installation Shortcuts & Tricks of the Trade LEARN BEST LAYOUT PRACTICES While there are no limits to the creativity you can achieve with our systems, there are layouts that are typical for most situations. We’ve taken the time to spec & draw them out to make the design process smoother. SAMPLE/SUBMITTAL & SUBSTITUTIONS We will assist you with project submittal samples and provide support for substitution requests. FREE VALUE ENGINEERING We are here to help you make every job a success with free bid assistance and value engineering. Bare painted walls can be an acoustic nightmare. They cause sound to reverberate, making it difficult to hear clearly. Our Wall Finishing Systems are proven to significantly reduce these common acoustical problems and enhance speech intelligibility; which is one of the primary reasons so many Homeowners, Businesses, and School Districts are using Fabricmate Wall Finishing Systems. Our Panels and Systems make a great alternative to standard fabric-wrapped (glued) yellow glass panels. Unlike fiberglass panels, the fabric is not glued to the surface. With our System, the fabric is held in place by the frame and floats freely over the surface, hiding any damage that can occur with normal wear and tear. If the fabric become worn or soiled, it can be easily changed without having to replace the full panel. One of the best things about our System is it’s versatility. It can conform to nearly any architectural feature and naturally adjusts to out-of-true conditions. It easily incorporates different materials and allows creativity in design without hindering ease-of-installation. Whether you’re looking at new construction, tenant improvements, or a simple remodel, the Fabricmate Wall Finishing System is the ideal solution. Contractors have been installing our systems for decades in commercial and residential applications including businesses, schools, hotels, hospitals, medical offices, home theaters, churches, basements, and many more.

1. For technical help or more information, call us at (866) 622-2996 or visit our website at CAPTURE THE NEW DEMAND Paint may dominate the market now but that’s changing. Be the first in your area to offer this superior alternative. Our Site-Fabricated Systems are priced competitively and can be installed in nearly any environment, the possibilities are endless! CREATE LIVING, LEARNING, AND WORK ENVIRONMENTS A SIMPLE 3 COMPONENT SYSTEM KEY FEATURES Better Better WALL FINISHING REDEFINED The Fabricmate Wall Finishing System is a sustainable, high-performance, stretched-fabric system unlike any you’ve seen before. MORE THAN A WRAPPED PANEL Unlike traditional wrapped panels, with our VOC-free Site-Fabricated System there is no need to field measure and no long lead times. THE FABRICMATE GUARANTEE Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using an innovative product backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty. FRAME The Frame outlines the Panel or Full-Wall Installation and holds the Fabric taut across the surface of the Backing. Available in multiple styles, thicknesses, and curvable Flex-Frame ACOUSTICS VOC-FREE TACKABILITY THERMAL ANTI-MICROBIAL FIRE-RATED WALL PROTECTION ECO-FRIENDLY MAGNETIC BACKING A Backing, such as ReCore ® provides shock absorbency, tackability, and sound absorption. Safe to handle. Made from recycled water bottles FABRIC Fabric is inserted into the Frame jaws and is held taut over the surface of the Installation. We offer pre-tested Fabrics as well as Custom Graphic Printing Better Better


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