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Quarter-Inch (Slim-Line) Systems - Cut Sheet

Product Information / Thicknesses

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1. Our 1/4” (Slim-Line) selection of Panels and Full- Wall Systems are unsurpassed in benefits, ease of installation, and available options/customizations. We offer Flex-Frame (curvable Frame options) as well as custom Frame colors. Utilize your own backing/substrate or (we recommend) using one of our ReCore ® options. ReCore ® is fabricated from recycled content ranging between 65% and 96% post-consumer content (based off Specifications), and is itself 100% recyclable at end of life. ReCore ® offers potential acoustic, tackable, wall protection, and thermal benefits in a safe-to-handle, anti-microbial substrate. We offer Fabrics that have been tested with our system for acoustics, tackability (without leaving noticeable holes), fire-rating, as well as working well with the Frame. Most Fabrics will work with our system but we do recommend testing any custom Fabrics with a Compatibility Sample to ensure they are not too thick or thin for the Frame jaws and are not see-through. We are happy to answer any questions and assist with any custom applications. 1/4” (SLIM-LINE ® ) PRODUCTS THE ULTIMATE WALL FINISHING SOLUTION ACOUSTIC | TACKABLE | HIGH IMPACT | SUSTAINABLE | THERMAL | FIRE-RATED | NON-ABSORBENT BENEFITS DIY Panels are great for Do-It-Yourselfers and others who would like to receive all the components (pre-cut to size) to build an acoustical and/ or tackable panel on the wall. Multiple panels can increase acoustical benefits while adding aesthetics and wall protection to your environment. Includes all components needed to build and install the panel. Our Site-Fabricated Systems are a great way to create custom panels or full-wall installations that can easily be modified on the fly to accommodate changes or unforeseen architectural anomalies. Customize nearly every aspect of our system to end up with a useful (acoustic/tackable/etc) panel or full-wall installation that looks great. ACOUSTICS TACKABILITY WALL PROTECTION ECO-FRIENDLY ANTI-MICROBIAL FIRE-RATED THERMAL MAGNETIC DIY Panels (5 Series) Site-Fabricated (7 Series) MINIMAL PROTRUSION / MAXIMUM BENEFITS • GREAT FOR: EDUCATION | RESIDENTIAL | MARINE

2. All Frame styles are made with 100% Durable uPVC (No Phthalates or BPA, does not decompose, is weather-resistant), are fully recyclable, safe to handle, and have a Fire Rating of ASTM E84 Class A. = Flex-Frame ® compatible. Can be purchased in pre-notched/flexible pieces or you can easily notch yourself. Square Front-Load Flexible Square Front-Load Safe to handle, easy to work with, 100% recyclable at end of life, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, ASTM E84 Class A fire tested (a nd passed!), non- hygroscopic, non-toxic, can be direct applied and used raw. MaxTack can be used as a pinboard and tacked repeatedly while also still supplying acoustic and wall protection benefits. We offer pre-tested Fabrics that are not only great looking but also perform great with our systems. They are acoustic and tackable and can help transform your boring wall into a beautiful functional surface. We love our fabrics but we know you might already have a favorite fabric that you’d like to use... we recommend ordering a Compatibility Sample to ensure your fabric will work will with the system. 1/4” (Slim-Line ® ) Frame Options 1/4” (Slim-Line ® ) Backing Options Fabric Options Available (and recommended) Tools FS005 FS005 Flex-Frame ® ReCore ® ReCore ® ReCore ® ReCore ® (used for “pillowed” look) MaxTack MaxTack Black MaxTack + MagTack 1/2” SoftTouch 1oz A tightly woven fabric with a subtle block/rectangle pattern. A great fit for modern offices, conference rooms, work stations, and other high-traffic areas. Tango For installing a few panels or less. • DIY Rocker • DIY Roller • DIY 4-in-1 Tool • Utility Knife (not shown) • Chamfer Cutters (not shown) • Fabric Scissors (not shown) For multiple panels/installations. • PRO Rocker Tool • PRO Roller Tool • PRO 4-in-1 Tool • Utility Knife (not shown) • Chamfer Cutters (not shown) • Fabric Scissors (not shown) Parallel Closed Circuit Use Your Own PRO SERIES DIY SERIES 2781 Golf Course Drive, Unit A Ventura, CA 93003 805-642-7470 Woven with multiple hues of similar colors, Parallel has a very textured and sophisticated look. Can be used for Acoustic and Tackable purposes. Tango is a reliable, high-traffic fabric that is both acoustic and tackable. The weave allows sound to pass through and be absorbed by the backing. ALWAYS TEST WITH THE SYSTEM FIRST Most Fabrics will work with our System but we always recommend testing first to ensure it isn’t too thick or thin to be held by the Frame jaws.


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