Fabricmate Systems offers Awesome products & Solutions that will help you transform your spaces. Whether it’s an Acoustical, Tackable, Wall Protection, Graphic, Aesthetic Solution your looking for, we can Help.  Browse our Products below, if you dont see what you need, contact us to help with your project.  "We are Passionate about helping    you get it right the first time". 




Fabricmate Panels and Systems can make an immediate and meaningful contribution to any business. Enhance the appearance of any business space while improving acoustics and making it a more desirable place to be.

Clients, customers, employees, and visitors all appreciate attractive, comfortable surroundings. It puts them at ease, makes a great impression, and allows them to do their best work. Flexible in design, our products can address surfaces of almost any shape and size. An almost unlimited array of fabrics or other coverings can be employed and Fabricmate products combine well with other materials to achieve the exact look you want. Match existing materials, company colors or create an entirely new look. Fabricmate Panels and Systems install easily, can be used on almost any existing surface, and virtually eliminate maintenance costs.

Innovative & Versatile


With a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors available, the possibilities are endless. 

FRAME outlines and frames the shape of the panel or wall, holding the fabric in place and protecting the edges with a high-impact polymer frame.

BACKING fills the frame and covers the wall, absorbing reverberated sound, providing impact-resistance, thermal insulation, and a pinnable bulletin-board like surface that's perfect for tacking up photos, documents, and more.

is stretched over the backing and held taut by the frame allowing the panel surface to spring back when struck, effectively mitigating visible damage.


Enhancing speech intelligibility is usually our primary concern when it comes to conference rooms. Bare walls cause sound to reverberate, muddying the words of the speaker and making everyone strain to understand what is being said. 

Minimizing distractions at your place of work shouldn’t be a constant battle. High noise levels, paper-crowded desks and a bland working environment are all factors that can inhibit workflow. Work smarter. Put your walls to work for you.

Add both design and function to these typically austere spaces. Reduce the noise from footsteps and conversation. Our tackable panels and systems provide an acoustical surface for displaying seasonal decorations, notices, and timely information.Our acoustical and tackable panels and systems provide a surface for displaying seasonal decorations, notices, and timely information.

Make that all important first impression. The attractive appearance and acoustic performance of our panels and system will convey both a welcoming environment and professionalism.


While most of our education, corporate, government, and military customers use outside contractors for their large-scale installations (i.e., multiple classrooms or dorm rooms), we find that their building services and/or maintenance departments are often faced with the challenge of addressing the smaller projects in a timely manner. There is always an ongoing requirement for installation of our products in single rooms, offices, and corridors, as well as tackboards, door boards, acoustic panels, and of course the occasional maintenance and repair of existing installations. We can help.

We are ready to provide you with complete support for the Fabricmate® system whether you want to do a lot, or just a little. We can arrange to equip your maintenance staff with all of the necessary tools, technical information, and an initial supply of materials so that you can begin getting familiar with installing Fabricmate® panels and systems. 


Value Engineering helps to achieve the optimum balance between function, performance, quality, safety, and cost. Our support staff will work with you every step of the way. We're here to help. 


Value Engineering helps to achieve the optimum balance between function, performance, quality, safety, and cost. Our support staff will work with you every step of the way. We're here to help. 


We offer an unsurpassed lifetime warranty on the Frame and ReCore® Backing. Our "no cost" Fabric Replacement Plans are available to School Districts, Colleges, Universities, Companies, and other Institutions free of charge.

Our Product & Specifications Binder takes everything you love about our physical binder and digitizes it. Not only have we created a convenient and compact PDF, we've made it interactive, including links to relevant web pages on every page to make using it a breeze.

Includes: Product Catalog, Collection of Data Sheets, Most Popular Fabric Cards, Product Comparison Sheets
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