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Fabric Mounting Frame

The backbone of our Fabric Wall Finishing System, our Frame isn't just built tough, it's built smart. Fabricmate Frames outline the panel, holding the fabric securely and protecting edges with high-impact plastic.

With multiple edge profiles, you can customize your installation with square or beveled edges in a variety of depths. Customize the style of your frames with our new Deco-Frames, created with Thermal Image Fusion Technology.

Elevate your Fabric Wall System 

with Deco-Frames

Customize Your Design

Our Fabric Mounting Frame allows you to effortlessly create customized installation patterns and sizes that meet your specific needs. Whether you're dealing with asymmetrical walls or surfaces with dents and wear, our Frame adapts seamlessly, ensuring a perfect fit every time.


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Style With Flex-Frame

With Flex-Frame®, create rounded corners, wavy layouts, and custom curved designs for your stretched fabric system. Add style to your fabric walls and baffles while maintaining acoustic performance and wall protection.

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Effortless Fabric Updates

Enjoy the flexibility of Fabricmate's fabric wall coverings. Change only the fabrics without uninstalling the frame or backing. Ideal for evolving decor or replacing soiled panels. A sustainable, less wasteful solution for modern interiors.

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Innovative Wall Finishing Solutions by Fabricmate

All our industry-leading Fabric Mounting Frame Profiles are now more versatile and durable than ever! Our Frame’s key features are perfect for any stretched fabric system.*

Enhanced Grip

Our Fabric Mounting Frames feature expanded jaws that provide a superior grip, ensuring your fabric stays securely in place. Perfect for achieving a flawless finish in every installation.

Optimal Height

Designed with a taller profile, our Fabric Mounting Frames better accommodate your backing materials in your acoustic panels and fabric wall systems.

Improved Adhesion

Fabricmate's Fabric Mounting Frames include grooves on the bottom surface for improved adhesion when using glue. Ensuring that your installation is secure and long-lasting.

Try Before You Buy

Order samples of our frame for your fabric wall coverings to confirm it complements your fabric beautifully. With a range of designer finishes available, you can make an informed decision before making a larger investment in your stretched fabric system.  

Get It Right The First Time With 

Value Engineering

Fabricmate Systems’ customer support specializes in Value Engineering to optimize your project's efficiency and cost-effectiveness. From concept to installation, we collaborate with architects, designers, facility directors, DIYers and contractors to achieve successful outcomes, avoiding costly mistakes and budget overruns.

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* Please note our new Frame Profiles are not compatible with previous versions.