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3 Series Modular 1 inch Acoustical Panel Kit with Motif Fabric - up to 30 ft lengths


This product is no longer available.


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Our Modular Panel Kits combine the best features of our Pre-made Panels and Site-Fabricated System - Ease of Installation and Customization - to give you incredible fabric wall panels up to any length. Best of all, no matter the size, your panel kit comes shipped in a standard shipping box, greatly reducing delivery costs.

Your Modular Panel Kit consists of pre-made panel sections called Ends and Fields. Every panel kit includes 2 End sections and the appropriate number of Field sections needed (if any) to create the desired panel length. These sections are installed next to each other on a wall to form the panel. The Fabric is stretched across the panel and installed using the supplied fabric installation tools. The Modular Panel System makes it possible to receive panels 4'x4' and longer that are easy to install while greatly reducing shipping costs.

Fabricmate® Modular Acoustic Panels are perfect for Classrooms, Hallways, Lobbies, Libraries, Conference Rooms, Offices, Residential spaces and any place where sound absorbing panels with a long uninterrupted length are needed to provide an acoustical surface and improve aesthetics. Place them in hallways to provide wall protection. In classrooms, these panels provide acoustics to improve speech intelligibility. In offices they provide beauty and functionality to all of your wall surfaces. 

FUNCTION: Acoustic, Wall Protection, Aesthetics

BACKING: ReCore® (1")

whole wall graphics panel in a cafe

3 Panel Modular Install

Learn from the pros on how to correctly Install Fabricmate Modular Panels (3 series). This quick how-to video explains everything you need to know on Installing our modular panels.  Fabricmate Tackable Modular Panels are perfect for Classrooms, Hallways, Lobbies, Libraries, Conference Rooms, Offices, Residential and any place where panels with a long uninterrupted lengths are needed to provide a tackable surface and improve aesthetics.



With a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors available, the possibilities are endless. 

FRAME outlines and frames the shape of the panel or wall, holding the fabric in place and protecting the edges with a high-impact polymer frame.

BACKING fills the frame and covers the wall, absorbing reverberated sound, providing impact-resistance, thermal insulation, and a pinnable bulletin-board like surface that's perfect for tacking up photos, documents, and more.

FABRIC is stretched over the backing and held taut by the frame allowing the panel surface to spring back when struck, effectively mitigating visible damage.


Fabricmate® has been training contractors since 1989 - at no charge! We host 1/2 , 1, and 2 day sessions every month in our workshop. Be the next fabric wall finishing installer in your hometown. Contact Us for more info. 


Our system components are always immediately available. While advance notice is always appreciated, we maintain full inventories of all our products. No more long order lead times. Change order are easily accommodated. 


The Fabricmate® Wall Finishing System is the perfect alternative to paint. It is high-impact, offering superior wall protection. It absorbs reverberated sound to significantly improve acoustics. By design it mitigates visible damage, lasting far longer than painted walls while greatly reducing maintenance costs. 

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