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Introducing Fabricmate 


Discover the sophistication of our new Deco-Frames, available in a stunning array of designer finishes. Exclusively sold at Fabricmate and perfect for enhancing fabric wall projects in any setting.  Learn more 

Our Easy Three Part System

Learn about our easy-to install frames, backing and fabric - versatile for walls and ceilings.



The frame defines the shape of the installation, holding fabric in place with high-impact, safe uPVC plastic. It can adapt to various sizes and shapes including curves.

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The Backing fills the frame, covering the walls while absorbing sound and providing thermal insulation. It also offers a tackable surface perfect for displaying notices and decorations.

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Fabric is rolled into the Frame, covering the Backing and stretching smoothly over the space. Its stretchability allows it to bounce back from impacts, reducing visible damage.

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Why Choose Fabricmate Systems?

A Fabricmate Sample Panel meant to represent a fabric wall installation. The corner of the fabric is pulled back to reveal the acoustic friendly and tackable frame and backing as it would appear on a wall installation

Fabricmate Systems

Fabricmate’s built-on-site stretched fabric system features a custom frame, backing and fabric designed for your space. Check out why it’s the best option for your project.

-  Acoustical, tackable, and wall protection, all in one product for walls and ceiling.

- Change only the fabric; frame and backing remain. Saving you cost and reducing landfill waste.

- Limitless design and customization, including unique and curved surfaces.

- Easily built on site with minimal surface preparation and low-maintenance.

- Durable and long lasting. Stays looking brand new with high impact shatter-resistant frames and backing.

- Next day shipping and Value Engineering for your project.

A collection of competitor products stacked on top of each other. Includes a Vinyl wrapped wall panel, a cork wall panel, a foam wall panel, and a tectum wall panel

Competitor’s Single Use Panels

Vinyl and fabric wrapped panels, cork, and cementitious fiberboard often fall short in functionality and appearance resulting in a few key problems.

- Do not offer acoustic, tackable, and wall protection in one product.

- When the product is soiled or damaged the entire panel needs to be replaced. Resulting in more cost and waste to the landfill.

- Limited panel sizes resulting in less design options and more seams.

- More difficult to match existing design when updating panels.

- Prone to showing surface damage.

- Longer lead times and can be damaged in transit.



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Innovative Fabric Wall Solutions


We have acoustic solutions for commercial spaces that advertise your brand or artwork, save on maintenance, and protect your walls for years to come.



We offer fabric walls for reducing reverberated sounds in school environments that are tackable, magnetic, protect your walls, and incorporate school branding. 



We have easy-to-use solutions for home offices,  theaters, and more. Our customizable fabric wall protection options are great for homeowners.


Get It Right The First Time With Value Engineering

Our Value Engineering team will help you get your project done right the first time. From Commercial buildings to residential bedrooms we’re here to help. 

Connect with one of our reps

A close up of an architects blue prints with a pen and ruler slightly out of focus ontop of the blueprints

Architects and Designers

Minimize risks and optimize outcomes from the start. Our expert team evaluates your specific needs to recommend the best layout, materials, and installation methods, ensuring you meet your budget and project timeline.  

A Decorative Fabricmate Fabric Wall installation with a desk and chairs in the foreground. The Fabricmate wall features vertical bands with various widths and heights. The color of the fabric wall sections is yellow, dark blue, light blue and green.

Facilities and Maintenance

Turn bare walls into expansive, tackable spaces, with improved acoustics. Enjoy quick turnaround, straightforward installation, and lower upkeep costs.


A contractor preparing fabric wall installation pieces on the ground in front of a Fabricmate wall system. The bottom half of the wall is grey and the top portion is a darker shade of grey with a yellow dot pattern.


Stand out in your market by providing a superior wall covering alternative that delivers unmatched customization along with acoustic, tackable, thermal, and wall protection benefits—capabilities that other products simply can't match.  

A dramatically lit home theater system with Fabricmate wall installations. The home theater has 2 rows of blue comfortable seats and the walls have geometric shaped wall installations that are beige color and are lit with floodlights.


Since 1989, Fabricmate has been the expert in fabric wall and ceiling installations for any setting, including worship centers, restaurants, home theaters, bedrooms, and boats. Discover the perfect solution for your space.