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Occasionally called Track or Trim, the Frame outlines the shape of the panel or full wall installation


As the first component and primary backbone of our Fabric Wall Finishing System, our Frame isn't just built tough, it's built smart. Occasionally called Track or Trim - it outlines and frames the shape of the panel, holding the fabric in place and protecting the edges with high-impact plastic.

We have multiple edge profiles so you can customize your installation to have a square or beveled edge in any thickness, as well as option to choose the frame color. We offer thicknesses from as thin as a 1/4" up to 4" +. We also offer our Flex-Frame which can be bent to follow curved walls or created curved/circular designs. 

FRAME - Easily Customizable


Our Frame is flexible and easy to work with, making customization a breeze. Our Frame also works great when you run into walls that are not perfectly symmetrical or have dents, damage, and wear and tear. Since our frame is flexible, you can follow the lines to the t, even the crooked ones. Take control of your walls. 

FRAME - Flexible


With our Flex-Frame® you can create rounded corners, wavy layouts, and full on rounded/circular designs. Great for baffles, styled installations, and curved walls & ceilings.

FRAME - Built Smart


We are now offering Fabricmate Frame Kits to make your installation even easier! We've created pre-cut Kits for Switches & Outlets, Inside Corners, Outside Corners, Seams, and more so you don't have to waste extra time figuring out angles, sizes, and other technical details. 

FRAME - Tired of Traditional


Bored with the regular old rectangle and square panels? With our Flex-Frame® you can create fully customized layouts including installing on curved walls or creating your own custom curved or circular design. 


Our fabric mounting frame comes in 4 thicknesses



Craig created the first panel in his garage in 1988 and ever since, Fabricmate has been working hard to make the best stretched-fabric wall system available, helping to make life a little more enjoyable world-wide. 
Being a Solutions Company, our products have taken on an increasing number of uses that are aesthetically pleasing, acoustical, tackable, and thermally insulative. Our Fabric Walls are engineered for ease of installation, which means a short learning curve, quick installation time, and unparalleled support.

CEO: Craig Lanuza
YEAR: 1988 
WHERE: Home garage