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benefits for game rooms
Acoustic, Thermal, and Wall Protection Benefits for Game Rooms
17 February, 2022 by
benefits for game rooms
Fabricmate Systems
acoustic full wall covering in game room den area video games

acoustic benefits for game rooms

Acoustic benefits are one of the main reasons to utilize our Wall Systems in your Game Room – competition is already noisy and in a room with bare walls, it can become overwhelmingly loud very quickly. The Acoustic benefits of our systems can help reduce echoes and reverberation, so your space is a welcoming environment for competition.   

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game room pool table with wall protection single band panel

wall protection benefits for game rooms

Wall Protection benefits are vital in Game Rooms! Pool cues, a rogue air hockey puck, or just somebody bumping into it because of the excitement of the moment – Your walls can benefit from a Wall Protection solution that not only protects, but also hides potential dings, scratches, and dents. Since fabric is stretched across the surface of our systems (and not glued onto the face) it bounces back when hit, effectively mitigating visible damage.


temperature and thermal benefits for game rooms

thermal benefits for game rooms

Thermal benefits don’t often get considered but can be a massive benefit to those with Game Rooms in basements or cold environments. The same backing (ReCore®) that provides Acoustic and Wall Protection benefits also provides Thermal functionality. This can help regulate temperature and save money on heating and cooling bills. 


custom printed panels in computer gaming competition room

customizable game room panels & walls

On top of the Acoustic, Thermal, and Wall Protection benefits outlined above, our systems are incredibly customizable in thickness, edge style, color, fabric covering, custom fabric printing, and panel/wall system shape (curved options available). We also have add-ons available such as our SoundSentinel® for sound blocking, or MagTack® for a magnetically-receptive surface that can also be tacked/pinned without degrading. We have fantastic options for Game Rooms of virtually any type. If you’re ready to add custom functionality to your walls, we’re ready to help you out! If you’re looking for additional Game Room ideas, we recommend heading over to the Redfin Blog where we were highlighted as a soundproofing option for Game Rooms. Whatever you’re looking to do with your Game Room, if it involves Acoustics, Wall Protection, Thermal Benefits, or incredibly Customizable Designs/Graphics, Fabricmate® is here to help!

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benefits for game rooms
Fabricmate Systems 17 February, 2022