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Have your own substrate or cover that you'd like to have laminated? We can help you with that. Our Lamination Services are not just for fabrics anymore.
laminated panels in a gym


Great for factory floors, warehouses, machine shops, and anywhere that can benefit from easy to install, customizable, acoustic, laminated fabric panels.

We're happy to offer our Laminating services as a standalone service that does not need to be combined with the purchase of our panels or wall systems. 

We can laminate our ReCore® backing with fabric, vinyl, wood, and many other substrates. This is a very popular option for Factory Floors and other areas where noise, reverberations, and echoes can be a big problem, as well as interiors where functional benefits and custom aesthetics are desired. We will work with you to find a way to make it work so you get the look you want as well as the benefits of our system. Panels and systems can easily be attached to drywall, brick, concrete and more.