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Classroom with Tackable Panels

Our fabric wrapped panels use our revolutionary ReCore® insulation to deliver sound-absorption, impact-resistance, and tackability in a sustainable and safe substrate. Each panel is constructed with a durable uPVC frame for a sleek, professional look that allows the fabric to be removed and changed should you so desire. Hanging it is just as easy as hanging a picture frame. 

Put a few up at your desk to keep important documents out of the way but still in sight. Kids love the feel of these panels and will be proud to tack up their art for all to see. Place one by your door and never miss an important note again. Tile several together to make a unique geometric expanse of fabric bulletin boards. Teachers really enjoy having a few Pre-Made Panels in their classrooms, using them to hang posters and assignments, keeping their decorations fresh year after year.

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Because the fabric covering is tautly held in place by the frame's hidden jaws, it is able to float freely across the face of the panel (not glued to the face like other wrapped panels.)

ReCore®, the dense mesh of non-woven polyester used in our panels makes for a perfect tackboard. Tacks and pins stay where you stick them. Not only does ReCore® provide a tighter “grip” than cork and wood fiberboard, it will not break down and crumble over time. ReCore® naturally self-heals. You can stick it with pushpins, thumb tacks, staples, etc. and like magic, there are no holes leftover when they are removed.

Yes both, and at the same time. Because the fabric is held in the frame and not glued down, it's easy to take the panel down and replace the fabric. Just pull the fabric from the frame’s jaws and replace it. Save time, save money and send fewer perfectly good construction materials to the land fill. Most of the fabrics are recyclable.

The ReCore® backing used in our panels is both anti-microbial and non-hygroscopic. It is resistant to bacteria and fungal growth, is non-toxic and non-allergenic. It does not absorb moisture and will not rot, deteriorate or change color over time.

Our panels are routinely used in high traffic areas such as, hallways, classrooms, theaters and other public places and last for years. As opposed to paint, they look better when installed, stay looking better much longer, and reduce maintenance costs.

Because our panels are adhesive free they have no glue and no VOC's which makes for a smarter product design. Since the fabric in our panels is not glued down instead it is held tightly in place by the frame and freely floats over the backing surface. This advantage has the superior ability to negate impact damage including hammer blows. This also allows the fabric to be easily changed. It just makes sense.

Our panels are extremely durable and long-lasting. The frame is made from a high-impact plastic that will not shatter or break. The ReCore® backing is made from semi-rigid non-woven polyester that is incredibly tough and able to absorb hammer blows and other impacts without surface damage. Many of our fabrics are highly resistant to wear, self-healing when tacked and look great even after years of use.

Our panels are made from components that are durable but light in weight. This makes our panels easy to ship, easy to handle, and easy to install. Compared to wood or metal panels, our fabric stretched panels are much lighter and just as durable if not more so.

Thermal insulation reduces the flow of heat through walls, ceilings, roofs and floors. The ReCore® backing used in our panels can provide an additional measure of thermal insulation on any surface. Additional insulation helps lower the energy required to maintain comfortable temperatures in a room and thus helps lower energy costs.