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We offer traditional Sewn Seam Services as well as our brand new, sonically welded, nearly invisible Micro Seam Service.


We offer two different types of seams that can be used to create enormous murals, continuous patterns, or just to join multiple pieces of fabric together. Fully customize your walls with no limitations on size. We offer our Seam Services independent of our panel and wall systems so if you are just looking to join fabrics through a seam, you've come to the right place!

seaming machine

Sewn Seams

Sewn Seams are very durable but are considerably more visible than Micro Seams. You can see and feel them on the surface as they leave a small gap between the pieces of fabric. Sewn Seams are a great choice in situations where seeing the seam doesn't matter, such as when joining two pieces of different color or patterned fabrics. The stitching is high-quality and can hold for years but is not recommended for high-traffic areas as a lot of friction will deteriorate the seam. 

seaming machine

Micro Seams

Micro Seams are becoming the go-to option for joining fabrics. Although Sewn Seams are great, Micro Seams offer the same strength and durability while also being nearly invisible. Fabrics are welded through ultrasonic frequencies to create an impermeable seam that keeps fabrics flush with nearly no disruption on the surface. This is the same process used to create protective clothing like hospital and laboratory garments, outdoor garments, filters, and more. These seams are the way to go for uninterrupted graphics, patterns, branding, etc. 

We have a large selection of fabrics that work great with Micro Seams available to choose from. Not all fabrics can be utilized for Micro Seams as some thicker fabrics as well as sheer fabrics will potentially cause problems. 

There are no additional materials or adhesives used when welding fabrics together. The Micro Seam is created by vibrating the fabrics at a high frequency that melds the thermoplastic material in the fabric together, creating an incredibly strong, continuous seam that is nearly invisible.  

Fabrics must be 100% Polyester to be welded together.


Standalone or with our System, we can help you with Seams