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People are coming to Worship services for one thing, to hear a message. You work hard on crafting a message, and not just any old message... one that is hopefully profound and will resonate with your congregation. It can become increasingly difficult to get those messages across if noises are reverberating and creating echoes which make speech intelligibility a nightmare and in-turn the messages can be lost or misunderstood. 


  •   Sanctuaries
  •  Foyers
  •  Naves
  •  Common Areas
  •  Lobbies
  •  Hallways
  •  Offices
  •  Schoolrooms


Churches, Chapels, Mosques, Temples, Synagogues and more can benefit from acoustic improvements. Our panels and systems can be installed in new construction or remodels, as well as on ceilings, concrete, or hung as baffles. Here's an overview on our system.

Frame outlines the shape of the panel or full wall installation


The Frame - also called Track or Trim - outlines and frames the shape of the panel or full-wall system, holding the fabric in place and protecting the edges with high-impact, safe, uPVC plastic.

The Backing supplies the functionality such as acoustics or tackability


The Backing fills in the Frame and covers the wall, absorbing reverberated sound and providing impact resistance, thermal insulation and a pinnable bulletin-board-like surface that's perfect for tacking things up.

The Fab


The Fabric gets rolled into the Frame, covering the backing by stretching over the area to be covered. The fabric being stretched means that it will bounce back when hit, effectively mitigating visible damage.

Custom Graphics

Custom fabric printing is a very popular option with our systems.
We can Customize your Panels or full-wall systems with branding, photographs, and more!

4 Installation Types

We know one System doesn't fit them all so we have a few options to help you get the results you need quickly and hassle-free.

Two band wall panel in church with cross mounted
Pre-Made Panels arrive ready to hang


Arrive pre-assembled and ready to hang

Modular Panels are supplied in ready to hang sections, then covered with fabric


Supplied in ready to hang sections, then covered

DIY Panels include everything you need to build an on-wall Panel


Everything you need to build an on-wall panel

Site-Fabricated Systems are fully customizable


Fully customizable panels and full-wall systems



We can help you create Panels and/or Full-Wall Systems with the look and functionalities that are most important to you.

Acoustic functionality for panels and walls Wall Protection Panels and Full Wall Installations Fire-Rated Panels and Wall Protection   

Magnetic Panels and Wall Systems Tackable Panels and Tackable Full Wall Systems Thermal Panels and Full Wall Systems 

People focused on the message

You and your team put in a lot of effort to ensure that your Worship environment is ready for your attendees every week. Don't stop short though! - Many Worship environments create echoes and reverberated sound which makes it difficult to hear the message. This can be frustrating and cause fatigue. Our Panels and Full-Wall Systems can help reduce echoes and reverberation so your message is heard clearly and absorbed by the listener.

Attendees in Church Lobby with Acoustic Fabric Covered Walls

 Hearing Clearly

Worship environments can benefit greatly from our Panels and Full-Wall Systems. A few well placed Panels can help dampen and absorb reverberated sounds so your audience can clearly hear and retain your message. We offer many pre-tested Acoustic fabrics that work great with our systems but you can also utilize your own fabric or we offer custom fabric printing so you can fully customize your space while also enjoying some of the benefits our systems have to offer (Acoustics, Wall Protection, Magnetism, Tackability, and Thermal Insulation). 

 High-Traffic Areas

Great for high-traffic areas as they help protect the wall and limit maintenance costs from impacts. If the fabric becomes soiled or a design change is desired, simply pull out the old fabric and install the new! Our systems can stand the test of time as we have systems installed in multiple high-profile dorm rooms (lots of use/abuse) that have been there for over a decade with less than 2% of them needing to be replaced over that timespan. 

 Getting The Message Across

Long story short, our panels and systems can be a benefit to a number a spaces within your Worship environment - Wall Protection in busy areas, Tackability and/or Magnetism in offices, and Acoustics where your message needs to be heard clearly. We also have solutions for ceilings, curved walls (or to create curved panel designs), baffles, and more. Panels and Systems are available in DIY (Do-it-Yourself) type installation or you can find an installer near you - more on both options below.

 Can't Lose

A popular option for Worship environments is Shop By The Square Foot  - Choose your fabric, fabric color, input your square footage, and check out! Everything is delivered, ready to be installed by you or your team. If installing is not for you and you'd prefer to have us help you find a local installer, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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