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Benefits of Fabric Wall Coverings in Schools
15 August, 2022 by
Benefits of Fabric Wall Coverings in Schools
Fabricmate Systems

An FAQ we always receive is “Is fabric durable enough for my school walls?” Look, we get it. Kids are rough! School walls have to be built not only to last, but to deal with all kinds of rough and tumble behaviour. But…we also understand fabric, and how it can be used to create incredibly resilient walls that make your school look welcoming. No-one likes blank white walls, so why not shake things up!

The Benefits of Fabric Wall Coverings?

They're Durable

We’ve seen fabric being used on walls for 30+ years, and honestly, it stands the test of time. Every year, do you have to re-paint your school walls, especially in hallways? Fabric shows wear far less quickly, absorbs noise, and is replaceable.

They're Appealing

It’s hard to make school walls look anything other than plain, unless you count displays, but how many teachers truly have time to put those up and change them every month? Fabric walls create style and pleasing aesthetics. They can be patterned and can even match your school team’s colors and branding. Go Tigers!

They Reduce Sound

Let’s be honest, kids don’t concentrate for long. It’s so easy for them to lose focus in our classrooms whenever they hear someone running down the corridor or a couple of their friends chatting nearby. You should know then, that out of all acoustic wall coverings, fabric wall systems are one of the most cost-effective solutions to reducing sound.

Fabricmate's Final Note

If you feel like your school walls need a revamp, or you’d like to add something that fits your colors and creates a warm feeling for people as they stroll the corridors, fabric should be your go-to. 

And no-one knows fabric wall coverings like FabricMate! If you’re looking to upgrade your school space, get in touch with our team.

Benefits of Fabric Wall Coverings in Schools
Fabricmate Systems 15 August, 2022