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Why Tackboards Matter In Any Space
15 August, 2022 by
Why Tackboards Matter In Any Space
Fabricmate Systems

When we say the word “tackboard”, what do you picture? A bland square board made from cork that you pin laminated sheets to? Something that looks…well…tacky? You’re picturing the tackboards of long ago. Fabricmate wants to transform your mental image of what a tackboard can be, and move them into the here and now, where they have plenty of potential to add functionality and style to any space! 

What are the benefits of Fabricmate's Tackboards?


With modernity comes the benefit of being able to choose tackboards in different shapes, colours, patterns, and textures. You’re not regimented to boring beige or neutral navy. You can customize our tackboards so that they not only blend into the aesthetics of your room, but also add extra style.

Added Acoustics

If you didn’t know, acoustics are essential for keeping people focused and productive. The wrong acoustics create stressful spaces with less productivity. Modern tackboards have acoustics built in to absorb sound. Your team, class, or family don’t need to hear the hustle and bustle of the world outside, or the annoying sounds of people nearby either.


We don’t know about you, but we always picture tackboards as having tons of holes in them from year upon year of use, let alone the general abuse they can get in a school or work environment. None of this makes for a pleasing aesthetic. When we modernised tackboards, they got stronger, even with the ability to self-heal (No Marvel tech here!). Picture no pin holes, random old bits of paper, or dents. They also last much longer too.

Fabricmate's Final Note

If you decided that tackboards wouldn’t fit into your workspace, school office, or family room – think again! The tackboards of today are designed to give your space an upgrade, with the added functionality they have to keep people informed, inspired, and creative. 

If you’re now convinced that tackboards are anything but tacky, and want to explore our options, get in touch with our team today!


Why Tackboards Matter In Any Space
Fabricmate Systems 15 August, 2022