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Productivity and Design: Why Acoustics Matter
15 August, 2022 by
Productivity and Design: Why Acoustics Matter
Fabricmate Systems

Whenever you think about a room, do you think about acoustics? They might be invisible but they’re a vital design element to any space. When the sounds within a space cause upset to the ears of others, a solution is needed. 

Why do acoustics matter in architecture?

The Importance of Acoustics

Think of all the ways sound affects your work-life alone. Imagine how annoying it would be to hear every chair squeak, mouse click, and cough from co-workers if your desks were in the middle of a large open room. Did you know that after a complex task is disrupted, a person needs at least 8-minutes to reach the same level of concentration and speed of thinking? 

The acoustics of a room can minimize the chances of this happening, and creates a less stressful, tiring environment. So often when we renovate, we think more about the aesthetics, when soundscaping is just as, if not more, important. 

The importance that acoustics has becomes clear when we think about how we want sound to travel and impact us. Acoustics keep libraries and restaurants quiet, and stadiums or churches loud. They can block out noise from the outside world, so students pay attention to teachers. With the right acoustics, a space can serve its true purpose. 

Fabricmate's Final Note

Whatever space your business takes place within, your acoustics matter. Whether you want to make sure your team is focused and productive, or you want to give the right vibe to your clients and customers, don’t underestimate the power of acoustics. 

If you know your space isn’t sound-worthy right now, FabricMate Systems can provide you with the acoustical solutions you need to take back the sound in your space. Contact our team today for your next affordable sound solution.

Productivity and Design: Why Acoustics Matter
Fabricmate Systems 15 August, 2022