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Fabricmate® Fabric Wall Finishing for Commercial Spaces, Offices and Businesses

Don't paint your walls - Fabricmate® them! Discover how our Fabric Wall Finishing System can help improve the work environment in your Commercial Business, Office or Worship space (especially in regards to acoustic, aesthetic, and tackable functionality) plus save money by eliminating constant repainting and reducing heating & cooling bills. Naturally you want your customer's experience to be the best and you want your employees to perform their best. Shouldn't the walls in your business perform for their benefit? Turn your barren painted walls into beautiful, communicative and functional fabric upholstered walls with Fabricmate®.

Whether it's the Lobby, Conference Room, Offices, Hallways, Waiting Rooms, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Churches and more - Fabricmate® has a solution to make your walls Acoustical, Tackable, Aesthetically Pleasing, Durable and Thermally Insulative while saving you time and money. Enhance the work environment of your business today with the Ultimate Wall Finishing Solution - Fabricmate®!

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