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Section 09 84 14 - 0.5 in. Acoustical - Beveled Edge, Low Density Core 4.5 pcf - District Standard

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District Standard CSI Spec for 1/2" Site-Fabricated Acoustical Wall System with Beveled Edge profile and Low Density (4.5 PCF) Core.

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6. PROJECT NAME DATE PROJECT OWNER BID NO. ______ SITE FABRICATED ACOUSTICAL WALL SYSTEM 09 84 14 — 6 OF 6 4. All fabric is covered by the Manufacturer’s 15 - Year Fabric Replacement Warranty prog ram. Under this program 15 years following the date of the completion of the project, contractor shall provide materials and labor to replace a total of up to 15% of the originally installed panels at no cost to the Owner/District. i. Panels covered under this section shall include all panels that are damaged due to normal use, neglect, vandalism, or any other reason. 5. Contractor shall provide a minimum of one (1) Professional Fabric Installation Tool and one (1) Fabric Finishing/Corner Tool. 6. For 15 ye ars following the date of the completion of the project Contractor shall make available to the Owner/District any additional materials not covered under the warranty, as described in paragraphs above. Such additional materials shall be provided to the Owne r/District at current Dealer Price Level. 7. Contractor shall train Owner/District personnel on the correct methods of installation and repair of the installed product. Such training shall be no less than 4 hours in length and shall be provided to Owner/Distr ict at no additional cost. 3.05 SECURITY A. Contractor shall meet all requirements, as described by California Education Code §45125.1. END OF SECTION 09 84 14

5. PROJECT NAME DATE PROJECT OWNER BID NO. ______ SITE FABRICATED ACOUSTICAL WALL SYSTEM 09 84 14 — 5 OF 6 C. Core Material — Prep surfaces that receive treatment; remove wall pl ates and other obstacles. Attach core to mounting surface p er manufacturer’s specifications . Cut core material to accurately fit inside tracked perimeter, maintaining the same plane. Mechanically fasten core to prevent air gaps between core and wall and to assure proper adhesion. 1. Assure that all fixture s have the necessary backing to keep them flush with the acoustical panels. D. Fabrics — S tretch fabric into the track’s locking jaws using the manufacturer’s recommended “rolling tool”, keeping fabric weave plumb, level and true in proper relation to the building lines without ripples, waviness, or “hourglass” effects. 1. Use of adhes ives or mechanical fasteners is strictly prohibited. 2. The Fabricmate “floating - fabric” design shall not be compromised. Fabric shall not be glued or attached to the core material in any way. 3. Fa bric shall be stretched and tensioned sufficiently taut to avoid sagging under varying year - round temperature and humidity conditions. 4. Fabric shall maintain its shape after being touched or leaned against without leaving any indentations, sags, or blisters . 5. Ceiling applications shall not deviate more than 1” from true plane of ceiling in 20’ span. 3.03 CLEANING AND PROTECTION A. Clean exposed surfaces of acoustical panels; comply with manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and repair of minor finish damage. Remove and replace work that cannot be successfully cleaned and repaired to permanently eliminate evidence of damage. B. The sub - contractor shall advise the gener al contractor of the required protec tion for the Fabricmate Systems panels, such as; temperature and humidity limitations and dust control, so that the finished work will be without damage and deterioration at the time of acceptance by the Owner/District. 3.04 WARRANTY A. If the Owner/District sets the Fabricmate Wall Finishing System as a District/Owner Standard, Contractor shall provide Manufacturer’s No - Cost 15 - Year District Standard Fabric Replacement Warranty . Said warranty is valid only if all track, core and fabrics have been provided by the manufacturer. 1. All certificates of warranty must include the Manufacturer’s Project Registration Number, which must be obtained by installer prior to the date of installation. Project Registration Numbers may not b e obtained after the installation has commenced. 2. Warranty Certificates without a Manufacturer’s Project Registration Number shall be deemed as invalid and unenforceable. 3. All track is covered by the Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty on Track, and all core is covered by the Manufacturer’s 10 Year Warranty on ReCore. All installation labor shall be warranted for a minimum of 5 years from the completion date of the installation.

1. PROJECT NAME DATE PROJECT OWNER BID NO. ______ SITE FABRICATED ACOUSTICAL WALL SYSTEM 09 84 14 — 1 OF 6 SECTION 09 84 14 1/2 ” SITE FABRICATED ACOUSTICAL WALL SYSTEM Beveled Edge, Low Density ReCore DISTRICT STANDARD PART 1 — GENERAL 1.01 SUMMARY A. Provide Site Fabricated Acoustical Wall Systems as shown on the drawings, as specified herein and as needed for a complete and proper installation. B. Contractor will provide Manufacturer’s No - Cost 15 - Year District Standard Fabric Replacement Warranty , as per paragraph 3.04 . C. Contractor will perform a “value engineering” review of provided drawings, seeking product manufacturers input as appropriate, and make recommendations for the benefit of the project. 1.02 RELATED WORK A. Documents affec ting work of this section include, but are not necessarily limited to, General Conditions, Supplementary Con ditions, and sections in Division 1 of these Specifications. 1.03 SUBMITTALS A. General: Submit five (5) copies of the following in accordance with Conditions of Contract and Division 1 Specification Sections. B. Product Data: Submit manufacturer’s technical data, installation instructions, and maintenance and cleaning instructions. C. Certified Test Reports: Submit test data for the manufacturer’s products from an independent testing agency, acceptable to authorities having jurisdiction, evidencing the panel component s and/or assemblies comply with requirements indicated for acoustical and fire performance characteristics. D. Provide a copy of the following Warranty Certificates: Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty on Track, 10 - Year Warranty on ReC ore and Manufacturer’s No - C ost 15 - Year District Standard Fabric Replacement Warranty , as per paragraph 3.04 . All Warranty Certificates must include the Project Registration Number to ensure validity of Manufacturer’s Warranty. Warranty certificates without a registration number are not valid. E. Samples: 1. Fabric — Submit manufacturer’s standard size swatches of acoustic fabric .

4. PROJECT NAME DATE PROJECT OWNER BID NO. ______ SITE FABRICATED ACOUSTICAL WALL SYSTEM 09 84 14 — 4 OF 6 2. ReC ore polyester core material: 1 /2 ” thick , 4.5 pcf white, certified tackable, ASTM E84 rated insulation board to fit within track’s perimeter. Said board to have a minimum 50% post - consumer content. Material density to be consistent throughout the material. 3. Fabrics: Suitable for the particular application, as selected by the Architect/Designer from the Manufacturer’s Standard Fabric offering. Information regarding Fabric Application, Performance and Pricing Group is available at the manufacturer’s website: i. Fabric Manufacturer: ________________________________________ ii. Fabric Pattern: ______________________________________________ iii. Fabric Width: ______________________________________ _________ iv. Fabric Color: ________________________________________________ v. Fabric Pricing Group: ______ PART 3 — EXECUTION 3.01 INSPECTION A. Contractor must examine substrates and conditions under which the acoustical system is to be applied and notify the Arch itect in writing of conditions detrimental to proper and timely completion. Do not proceed with work until unsatisfactory conditions have been deemed corrected and acceptable to contractor . B. Verify all stationary objects ab utting acoustical panels are installed ( i.e. casework, marker boards, doo r and window jams, ceiling ) prior to installation. 3.02 INSTALLATION A. Install acoustical wall panels in locations indicated on plans. Comply with manufacturer’s printed i nstructions for installing site - fabricated track systems. B. Track: Install perimeter and intermediate track using screws, anchors and staples as project conditions warrant. Secure track base to wall (or ceiling) to prevent track framework from separating awa y from the wall. For masonry surfaces use a continuous bead of PL200 or equal with conical anchor and pin /nail/rivets every 6 - 8 inches p er manufacturer’s recommendation. 1. Follow contours of the wall and scribe to adjoining work accurately at borders, penetrations, and imperfections. 2. Track around all openings within a panel when needed as per manufacturer’s instructions. 3. Allow adequate spacing for insertion of installation tool. 4. Wrap fabric around outside corners in one piece without seams or j oints, creating one panel on two different wall planes. Fabric shall float over the corner matching the adjace nt track’s detail.

2. PROJECT NAME DATE PROJECT OWNER BID NO. ______ SITE FABRICATED ACOUSTICAL WALL SYSTEM 09 84 14 — 2 OF 6 2. Core Material — Submit 8 ½ “ X 11 “ samples of each core material used, showing full range of materials, thicknesses, acoustics, and densit ies . 3. Track — Submit samples of manufacturer’s “Track” or “Frame” showing full range of edge profiles, thicknesses, and details for e ach type of acoustical panel. Where more than one edge profile is used on a panel, clearly show how each edge profile transitions into a different edge profile. 4. Samples — Provide 8 ½ “X 11 “samples of each type of panel used, including representative samples of each thickness and panel type. Install samples on a substrate of sufficient firmness to allow the samples to be handled without damage. 1.04 QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Contractor: Provide verifiably genuine products for each type of wal l panel as produced by the manufacturer (s) , includ ing recommended primers, adhesives, and sealants. The manufacturer’s published product literature shall clearly indicate compliance of wall panels with requirements indicated. B. Both individual components and fin ished assemblies shall meet the following as a ppropriate: 1. Thickness: 1/2", Density: 4.5 pcf. 2. Fire Performance Characteristics: Provide acoustical wall panels with surface - burning characteristics as indicated below, as determined by testing assembled materials and construction according to ASTM E - 84 Cl ass A , by a testing organization acceptable to authorize having jurisdiction. i. Flame Spread: 25 or less ii. Smoke Developed: 4 5 0 or less 3. Sound Absorption Characteristics: Provide acoustical wall panels with a noise reduction coefficient (NRC ) of 0. 4 or better. 4. Be free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 5. Fungi Resistance Certification of core material in accordance with ASTM C 1338. 1.05 DELIVERIES, STORAGE, AND HANDLING A. Protect the Fabric, core material, and track from excessive moisture in shipment, storage, and handling. Deliver in unopened bundles and store in a dry place with adequate air circulation. Do not deliver material until wet work such as concrete and plaster has been completed. 1.06 PROJECT CONDITIONS A. Do not begin installation until spaces to receive acoustical panels have been enclosed and maintained at approximately the same humidity and temperature conditions as planned for occupancy. Maintain temperature conditions as recommended by panel manufacturer. 1.07 EXTRA MATERIALS

3. PROJECT NAME DATE PROJECT OWNER BID NO. ______ SITE FABRICATED ACOUSTICAL WALL SYSTEM 09 84 14 — 3 OF 6 A. Contractor to provide Owner/District additional system materials according to Manufacturer’s No - Cost 15 - Year District Standard Fabric Replacement Warranty , as per paragraph 3.04. PART 2 — PRODUCTS 2.01 ACOUSTICAL WALL PANEL MATERIALS A. Available Manufactur ers: Subject to compliance with requirements, the product used as basis - of - design is provided by the manufacturer listed below: B. Acoustical Site - fa bricated Track System, as di stributed by Fabricmate Systems, Inc. , P:(805)642 - 7470, F:(805)642 - 3154, Toll Free: (866)622 - 2996 , . No substitutions accepted. 1. Contractor shall provide Manufacturer’s No - Cost 15 - Year District Standard Fabric Replacement Warranty , as per paragraph 3.04 . C. Design Requirements: 1. Stretched fabric panel system shall consist of continuous perimeter and intermediate mounting extrusions that are site fabricated, and applied directly to the wall surface. 2. Fabric face shall be stretched over core materials and tucke d into the track’s locking jaws, leaving fabric floating above core surface. Installation of fabric facing shall not utilize any adhesives, nails, tacks, screws, sewn seams, thermal ly bonded seams, or tape. 3. Systems shall allow for removal and replacement of fabric from individual panels. Removal of fabric shall provide access to surface behind fabric. Fabric shall be removable and replaceable without dismantling, removal, damaging, or replacement of the track extrusions or core material. 4. All fa brics shall be evaluated by the contractor for su itability with it s system, the intended application, and for warranty purposes . When uncertain, the contractor should consult with the system manufacturer. 5. Framework: One - piece extruded polymer track system with jaws of sufficient strength to securely hold fabric in place after repe ated applications. Minimum t rack wall thick ness specification shall be .065 ”. Track style and color (standard colors or specified PMS color) to be selected by architect. 6. Ed ge detail: Beveled . 7. Intermediate detail: Beveled or Square. 8. Outside Corner Detail: Fabric shall wrap around MDF backed corners in one piece without seams or joints unless otherwise indicated or necessary . 9. Prefabricated panels “fabric or vinyl wrapped” do n ot satisfy the intent of this specification and will not be accepted. 10. Hinged, self - locking (snap - lock) type mounting extrusions do not satisfy the intent of this specification and will not be accepted. 11. Fire resistance: C omplete panel assembly shall have an ASTM E - 84 Class A. D. Acoustical wall panels: Fabricmate Systems Site - fabricated track system. No substitutions accepted. 1. Tr ack profile: Fabricmate Systems FS 2 0 0 and FS2 1 0 for perimeter and FS100 or FS2 3 0 for intermediate joints as indicated on drawings.


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