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MagTack - Cut Sheet

Product Information / Backings

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1. MagTack ® is a great new way to display. You no longer have to use tacks (but you can), creating holes and damaging your photos, documents, and more. Use this thin, unique, magnetically receptive substrate add-on to create magnetic “hotspots” or cover an entire wall for a functionally magnetic and tackable wall. Great for offices, homes, and anywhere else a magnetically receptive surface is needed. Although we recommend using magnets (rare earth magnets for best results), the surface is also tackable. MagTack ® is not a substrate per se, but can be applied to virtually any other substrate material to provide both a magnetically receptive and tackable surface. It holds magnets like steel, yet is safer to use, easier to apply, is more economical, and it’s tackable. Fabrics and other materials are typically applied over the surface of MagTack ® for a functional customizable Panel or Full-Wall System. Rare Earth Magnet holding over 12 sheets of paper with MagTack ® Magnetic Band and Hotspot in Home MAGNETIC | TACKABLE | SAFE TO HANDLE | USE WITH MULTIPLE SUBSTRATES | FLEXIBLE | EASY TO USE TACKABLE WALL PROTECTION MAGNETIC ECO-FRIENDLY INDOORS OUTDOORS MagTack Panel in Outdoor Area of School Magnetically Receptive Tackable Surfaces

2. We offer MagTack ® adhered to ReCore ® and ready to use right out of the box. For those that prefer the Do-It-Yourself method, you can order MagTack ® on it’s own and adhere it to the backing yourself. We recommend using commercial Spray Adhesive on both the MagTack ® and the Backing Substrate you intend on using. Always test a small portion first. 2781 Golf Course Drive, Unit A Ventura, CA 93003 805-642-7470 MagTack is available in 48” wide Rolls Easily Create Magnetic/Tackable Hotspots MagTack Installed Under Fabric and Above the Backing (ReCore ® ) Color Black/Dark Brown Material 89% Iron Powder 10% CPE 1% Other Density 3.6 - 3.8g/cm 3 Melting Point 120°c / 248°f Weight 1.6 lbs/lin ft Thickness .010” Width 48” Wide Roll Length 32.8 lin ft Total Sq Ft 131.2 sq ft per roll Recycled Made with Recycled Materials Handling Safe to handle Surface Burn Not Rated Magnets Rare Earth Magnets recommended MAGTACK ® SPECIFICATIONS MAGNETIC | TACKABILITY | WALL PROTECTION MagTack on 1/2” ReCore MagTack on 1/4” ReCore MAGTACK ® RARE EARTH MAGNET TACK BACKING/SUBSTRATE FRAME FABRIC Illustration not to scale. For visual purposes only as your project may be different. MAGTACK TECHNICAL CUTAWAY


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