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SoundSentinel - Cut Sheet

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1. SoundSentinel ® is a mass loaded vinyl barrier designed for commercial, industrial, and residential applications to reduce sound disturbances in a space. It is used primarily behind finished wall or ceiling surfaces to block and dampen noise across the sound spectrum. SoundSentinel ® is also extremely effective as a pipe and duct wrap to absorb additional noises. Because it resists mold and mildew, it’s also a great air and moisture barrier to improve HVAC efficiency. Pair with Fabricmate’s Acoustic Wall Finishing System for a comprehensive and versatile noise control solution. SoundSentinel ® UP TO STC 65 | MOLD & MILDEW RESISTANT | FULLY RECYCLABLE | FLEXIBLE | MOISTURE & AIR BARRIER When combined with the Fabricmate System, SoundSentinel ® can give you superior sound isolation Sample piece of SoundSentinel Drastically improves sound isolation SOUNDSENTINEL ® REAL WORLD PERFORMANCE SoundSentinel ® out performs the untreated wall at each frequency, though the difference in performance varies by frequency. These values represent a single layer of SoundSentinel ® but additional layers can increase effectiveness. While the STC is an easy-to-use universal measurement of sound transmission, it doesn’t tell the whole story. The sounds around us come in a wide range of frequencies but STC only measures one point in that range at 500hz. The values in the table to the left represent the sound lost in transmission (amount of sound the wall blocked).

2. Description Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier Thickness 0.05” 0.079” Sold By Per Roll Per Roll Roll Dimensions 4’ x 32.5’ 4’ x 32.5’ Weight .45 lb / sq ft (nominal) .9 lb / sq ft (nominal) Type Reinforced Reinforced Color Black Vinyl Black Vinyl Tensile Strength 400 p.s.i. request 400 p.s.i. request Tear Strength 72 lb / in 72 lb / in Ultimate Elongation 40% min 40% min Temperature Range /-40 deg F to 180 deg F /-40 deg F to 180 deg F Standard Tolerances Width Height + 0.5” - 0” + 1% -0” + 0.5” - 0” + 1% -0” Sound Transmission ASTM E90-02 (SAE j1400) Passes min STC 26 Passes min STC 28 Flammability ASTM E84 Rev. A Class 1* Class 1* Fire Resistance ASTM E119 08 Passes 1 hr Test* Passes 1 hr Test* Fungal & Algal Growth ASTM D3273, ASTM G21 No Growth No Growth 2781 Golf Course Drive, Unit A Ventura, CA 93003 805-642-7470 SoundSentinel ® SPECIFICATIONS .5 lb 1 lb MASS LOADED VINYL SOUND BARRIER SOUNDSENTINEL ® CUTAWAY Stopping sound waves is not just about a barrier’s thickness. SoundSentinel ® is a unique EVA that offers a dense but flexible layer of protection. This formula is able to trap sounds of all different wavelengths and keep them out of your space. Cutaway showing Fabric, ReCore, SoundSentinel, & Frame SoundSentinel on a roll SoundSentinel laid flat R EDUCE AIRBORNE & IMPACT NOISE IN : • Commercial & Residential Construction • Multi-Family Units & Bedrooms • Hotels • Music Rooms & Home Theaters • Conference Rooms • Privacy Protected Areas BENEFITS: • Significantly reduces airborne and impact noise for a more peaceful and private atmosphere • Acts as an air and moisture barrier for HVAC efficiency • Flexible and easy to use • Mold & Mildew resistant ECO-FRIENDLY: • Proudly made with post industrial recycled material that would otherwise be sent to a landfill • 100% recyclable at end-of-life • LEED credits available • Unlike PVC, our EVA does not harden over time or pose a health risk if burned SOUNDSENTINEL ® FEATURES PREPARATION & APPLICATION • Surfaces to receive SoundSentinel ® should be clean and dry • Installers should utilize acoustical sealant, tape, sound rated putty, and sound isolation materials to preserve the acoustical integrity (do not use within 2 ft of a light fixture) • Install vertically so seams fall on studs • Attach only at the top with screws and staples (it will be secured permanently when finished wall is fastened) • Installation is recommended at or above room temperature as materials can be less pliable at low temperatures • May be used on existing finished walls or covered with another layer of drywall STUD FRAME SOUNDSENTINEL ® RECORE ® ACOUSTIC FABRIC FLOORING DRYWALL (SHEETROCK / PLASTER / ETC) (BACKING / SUBSTRATE) FLOORCORE ® TRIM SOUNDSENTINEL ®


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