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Modular Panels (3 Series) - Cut Sheet

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1. Our Modular (3 Series) are a hybrid of our Pre-Made (1 Series) Panels and our Site-Fabricated (7 Series) System. Modular Panels are built and cut into 4’x2’ sections (2 end pieces and any amount of middle pieces) that can be shipped much faster, cheaper, and easily than traditional large panels with prohibitive shipping costs and limitations. These sections are installed together on a wall to create a Panel with virtually no limitation on length. Once the Modular Panel sections are secured in place on the wall, the Fabric can be installed into the Panel using a Fabricmate ® Rocker and/or Roller Tool. Panels can be installed horizontally or vertically and can be combined with other Fabricmate System Panels for increased functionality. Panels are available in 1/2” and 1” thicknesses. Wall Protection is inherently part of our Panels as they mitigate visible damage by not having the surface glued to the substrate. We also offer custom Graphic Printing for Modular Panels so you can fully customize your space. Print photos, branding, patterns, and just about anything else you can think of to either disguise or make a Panel stand out. MODULAR PANELS (3 SERIES) ACOUSTIC | TACKABLE | HIGH IMPACT | SUSTAINABLE | THERMAL | FIRE-RATED | NON-ABSORBENT Our Modular (3 Series) Panels are an incredibly easy way to install a long (too large for a shipping box) panel. Modular Panels come with 2 end pieces that are used to essentially book-end a number of middle pieces (all pieces are 2’ wide x 4’ tall) to create your desired panel size. Use one of our Fabrics, use your own, or Contact Us for Custom Graphic Printing. Modular Panel in Living Room Modular Panel in Waiting Room with Custom Fabric Printing Tackable Modular Panel in Office BENEFITS ACOUSTICS TACKABILITY WALL PROTECTION ECO-FRIENDLY ANTI-MICROBIAL FIRE-RATED THERMAL MAGNETIC THE ULTIMATE WALL FINISHING SOLUTION

2. POPULAR USES APPLICABLE TO ALL MODULAR (3 SERIES) PANELS *FRAME & BACKING ONLY* AVAILABLE IN 2 THICKNESSES 1/2” Classic-Line ® is our most popular thickness across the board. A great option for Acoustics, Tackability, and Wall Protection with minimal protrusion as well as an incredibly easy installation process. Modular Panels can be installed quickly and easily by screwing the pieces to the wall. You can also use Liquid Nails to give your Panel additional stability if desired. Modular Panels use 2 End pieces along with as many Field pieces as necessary to reach your desired Panel length. ReCore ® is fabricated from recycled content ranging between 65% and 96% post-consumer content (based off specifications), and is 100% recyclable at end-of-life. Our Frame is composed of 100% durable uPVC (No Phthalates or BPA, does not decompose, is weather-resistant) and is 100% recyclable at end-of-life. Our Panels are ideal for Wall Protection. The surface bounces back mitigating visible damage. Panels can be tacked over and over without degrading and crumbling like traditional cork boards. Our 1” Full-Line ® Modular Panels are ideal for Acoustics and can be utilized in multiples to further enhance the functionality they add to a room. They are also Tackable and supply excellent Wall Protection. *These specifications are in relation to Fabricmate ® Frame and ReCore ® Backing used in Modular Panels. Does not include any Fabric specifications.* Our Modular Panels can help reduce reverberated sound and increase speech intelligibility. WALL PROTECTION BEVELED 1/2” HALF-INCH (CLASSIC-LINE) TACKABILITY 1” ONE-INCH (FULL-LINE) ACOUSTICS BEVELED 2781 Golf Course Drive, Unit A Ventura, CA 93003 805-642-7470 SIZE MAX LENGTH THICKNESS FIRE RATING FUNCTIONALITY ADHESIVES WEATHERING DISPOSAL COMPOSITION HANDLING VOC’s 4’ x 2’ Segments (End & Field Pieces) Length of Fabric, but 50ft Max Recommended 1/2” and 1” ASTM E84 Class A Tackability / Acoustics / Wall Protection None No change in appearance 100% Recyclable 65% -96% Post-Consumer Content Safe to handle < 0.1% AESTHETICS Choose from our selection of Fabrics or use a photo, drawing, or logo to create a custom Modular Panel.


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